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Filling and capping machine ( tetrablock) MR-64.9

  • 04/12/2019


  • Productivity, bottles/hour


    (bottle's volume -1,5 L)

  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Compressed air consumption, L/min

    до 1000

  • Number of filling heads, pcs

    44/36 (isobaric / bulk)

  • Type of container


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • The temperature of the packed product, not higher, °C

    3-14 (water) и 3-7 (product)

  • Bottle volume, liter

    1,5 PET

The machine for rinsing, packing, filling and capping type MR-64.9 is designed for rinsing the inner surface of bottles, packing of thick diary mixtures, liquid fine beverages, filling of carbonated water and kvass in bottles of polyethylene terephthalate with a capacity of 1000 cm3 and capping them with a plastic screw cap.


The MR-64.9 machine (Fig. 1) is a tetrablock, where a rinser, a volumetric type packing column and an isobaric type filling column, as well as a capping unit are mounted on the frame. The machine includes a pneumatic conveyor section, a chain conveyor section, an electrical cabinet, and a cap feeding conveyor.

The bottles are supplied to the MR machine by means of a pneumatic conveyor. The machine comes with a 0.5 meter section of the conveyor, to which the docking of the customer’s conveyor is carried out.

Fig.1 General view of MR machine with indication of its main components  

Designations in Figure 1:

1 – Vertical conveyor for cap feeding;

2 – Isobaric-type filling column;

3 – Volumetric type packing column;

4 – Capping column;

5 – Rinser;

6 – Drive;

7 – Frame;

8 – Electrical cabinet;

13 – Changeover set.


The rinsing process on this machine is a brief washing of the inner surface of bottles with rinsing water to remove dust that is neutral to electrostatic voltage accumulation and easily washed particulate pollutants that do not have a strong mechanical bond with the surface of the bottles. From the rinsing unit, the bottles are transferred to the filling unit with the help of sprockets.

Volumetric type packing column

Packing of food products (thick diary mixtures and liquid fine beverages) into bottles occurs by volume principle. The filler when opening the internal tap collects the specified volume of product from the tank, and then when opening the external tap it is packed in bottles.

Isobaric type filling column

Filling of food products in bottles occurs according to an isobaric scheme, the essence of which is that the filling of bottles occurs at a constant pressure in them equal to the gas pressure in the supra-rigid space of the machine tank. In this case, the flow of liquid into the bottle occurs at a constant flow rate. From the filling unit, the bottles filled with the product are transferred to the capping unit.

Capping unit

In the capping unit of the machine, the bottles are capped with a plastic screw cap, which is fed to the orientator of the caps using a cap feeding device.

Changeover set

The transfer of bottles from one unit to another is carried out with the help of a changeover set consisting of turnstile sprockets adjustable for a different size of bottles and stainless steel guiding shoes. The equipment is made under a certain standard size of container (bottles).

Lubrication system

The machine has a lubrication system, the duration and frequency of which is regulated from the operator's panel.

All processes carried out by this machine are controlled by the controller.

Cap feeding conveyor

The conveyor for feeding the caps has a container for receiving batches of caps, which it feeds to the capping unit of the machine via a conveyor belt.