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What is a benefit of a leasing.
At this moment "Thermo-Pack" plant has a possibility to give to legal entities an equipment on the terms of operative and financial leasing.

    «LandLeas» company - our leasing partner.
Conditions for reception of the equipment on the terms of operative and financial leasing has a
legal entities and private businessmen who have a stable financial condition and a constant source of incomes.
Leasing - is a modern efficient way of equipment finance. It is a long-term hire with the option to purchase the equipment upon lease term expiry.
Principal advantages of operating lease:

Reduced need of own start-up capital. In case of operating lease, considerable scopes of own current assets are not distracted, down payment usually equals to 30%-50% of the leased facility value. In this case, matters related to purchase of fixed assets, finance of deals and efficient use of current capital are resolved simultaneously.
As a rule, it is easier and more profitable for an enterprise to receive property on lease, than to borrow credit funds for its purchase, as a leased facility is owned by the lessor and may be taken as mortgage securing the lessor’s obligations to the creditor bank. The lessee is released from making additional mortgage and related procedures, which is compulsory in case of lending. Obligations on operating lease have no impact upon the total accounts payable of an enterprise, which allows unimpeded borrowing of additional credit funds for the needs of primary production.
Due to its simplicity and efficiency, leasing allows the lessees to regularly update their enterprise’s fixed assets in accordance with the latest market requirements, which provides considerable competitive advantages.
Lease agreement is more flexible than loan agreement or credit agreement. It gives an opportunity to elaborate more suitable payments schedule for the parties allowing coordination and optimization of the lessee’s long-term strategy.
Upon expiry of the validity term of a lease agreement, the title in property (as preferred by the lessee) may be transferred to the lessee at inconsiderable residual value taking into account the residual amount of lease fees and the lessee’s preferences concerning the liquidation value. Market value of a leased facility in 2-3 years of operation usually constitutes 40% to 65% of its initial value.
In case of receiving property by way of leasing, a lessee shall automatically obtain a set of additional services on transportation, customs clearance, insurance, state registration etc. All actions, which a buyer has to make individually in case of property purchase at the expense of own or credit funds, are made by employees of the leasing company in case of leasing.