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Filling machine MR-62

  • 03/30/2015


  • Productivity, bph


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • The temperature of liquid for filling, °C

    +1 - +6

Pouring sealing machine is used for filling of soft drinks and water in large bottles from polyethyleneterephthalate with capacity from 5000 cm3 to 6000 cm3 and sealing them with a plastic screw cap.

Structure of machine

The major units (assemblages) of the machine are the following:

- machine base;

 - pouring unit

- sealing unit;

- supply conveyor;

- deferent conveyor;

- power unit.

The installation of additional equipment is possible.

Machine base
It is a basic element of equipment. Conveyors, pouring and sealing elements, the power unit of the machine are mounted there.The frame is welded structure with supports that have level-regulating legs. Side surfaces and top of the frame are covered by facing sheets that have all technological openings. Facing sheets of the table are all-metal made of stainless steel.
Pouring unit
 - pipelines
 - container
 - plug

 - pourer
 - pneumatic cylinder

Pipelines supply pouring product from input plug into accumulating reservoir and from the reservoir to filling plug.

Valves are used for regulation of inflow of liquid into accumulating reservoir. They operate from pneumatic cylinders according to program preprogrammed in the controller.

Accumulating reservoir is used for receipt and redistribution of pouring product.

Plugs are stop valves and are used for regulation of liquid flow into the polyethyleneterephthalate bottle from pourers. They operate from pneumatic cylinders according to program preprogrammed in the controller.Pourers are reservoirs utilized for the accumulation of provided volume of product and its filling into containers.
Pouring block consists of constructional elements for bottle feed (star, guide shoe) and base plate used for mounting of elements of the distribution system and filling water supply.
Overflow launder is used for receipt of fluid leakages occurring at product pouring.

Sealing unit

Sealing aggregate is used for sealing of polyethyleneterephthalate bottles using the screw cap. It consists of the following major constituents:
- Cap orienting device

- Cap feed tray
- Sealing block

- Pole

Cap orienting device. Cap feed block consists of cap orienting device that receives caps, orients them and forwards to cap feed tray.

Cap feed tray is used for delivery of oriented caps for the bottle.

Sealing block takes filled the bottle, provided caps and seals the bottles (screwing of screw cap). It operates from gear motor according to program preprogrammed in the controller.

Cap orienting device is mounted on a pole, besides it operates as a support of sealing block, provides toughness of construction, undertakes the construction weight.
Supply conveyor
Chain, double-row conveyor. Its case is made of stainless steel. From the side of the drive, the conveyor is attached to the base of the machine, from opposite side it has a support that is regulated up/down. The conveyor is equipped with guide blocks preventing the bottle from downfall.
The conveyor passes bottles to pouring star, operates from gear motor according to program preprogrammed in the controller. The drive is equipped with variable frequency drives.
Deferent conveyor
It is chain type, double-row one, its case is made of stainless steel. From the side of drive the conveyor has a support, from opposite side it is attached to base of the machine. The conveyor has guide blocks. The chain is made of stainless steel.
The drive of the conveyor is equipped with variable frequency driver, operates from gear motor according to program preprogrammed in the controller.

Power unit of machine
The power unit of the machine consists of the drive shaft, gear motor.
General operating principle of machine
Filling sealing machine (Fig.1) is a two-block where pouring and sealing aggregates, power unit, supply conveyor, deferent conveyor, electricity box are mounted on one sole plate. The controller manages all mechanisms of the machine according to the program installed.

Bottle feed to the machine is carried out using supply chain conveyor. Supplied bottles are forwarded to star where they are taken at their mouths and moved.
Bottle transportation is executed with aid of power unit of the machine. Making one step the large bottle gets under plug # 1 where the filling process takes place. The plug is opened by the pneumatic cylinder, water from pourer flows into the bottle by gravity. The volume of flowing liquid is specified by the operator and is defined as 1000 ml for five-litre large bottles and 1200 ml of six-litre large bottles. The plug is closed and the large bottle makes another step – to the plug #2 where another portion of the liquid from pourer is poured into. The machine embraces five pourers. The filling is completed after passing through all pourers. After every opening of plug and flowing of product into the large bottle the filling of accumulating container and pourers takes place. The gradual opening of valves follows the preceding process. The valve on the pipeline with a smaller diameter is opened and then the one on the pipeline with bigger diameter is opened. The liquid from accumulating reservoir flows into pourers.
From pouring unit, the filled bottles are forwarded to sealing unit. A star passes the large bottle under sealing unit. In this case, the bottle grasps cap that is provided by cap orienting device at cap feed tray.
Sealed bottle passes to deferent bottle. 

Applicator head
It is used for separation of the bottom layer and putting labels on to the object of labelling. Passing through the conveyor the pressure-sensitive label is put onto the large bottle with help of labelling device. 

Operating principle of applicator head
The tape roll with labels is put on unwinding roller. The tape is loaded with feed track according to the scheme of tape loading. In order to keep the tape tension the brakes are provided at unwinding roller, it is brought into action by brake lever and prevents unwinding of tape when the drive does not pull it.
Applicator head is brought into action by an electrical drive.
During this process separating knife takes labels from carrying tape. Separating knife must be positioned at the angle 15-30 degrees to object that is to be labelled. Regulating joint is produced for knife adjustment. The label is put onto an object that is in labelling area. Pressure roller positions the label evenly on the product surface.
The tape base without labels is winded on winding roller during operation.

- Accuracy at bottle positioning during pouring;
- Gradual operating principle;
- The simplicity of construction and possibility of fast resetting of the machine from 5 to 6 l bottle.