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Complete bottling line - a cost-effective solution for manufacturers of beverage market. Such equipment offers of "Factory of the packing equipment" Thermo-Pack ". This was told by the company's director James Usenko.
- What's on today range of equipment the company "Thermo-Pak»?
- Our factory as a separate piece of equipment for the beverage industry, as well as complex technological bottling lines. Lines are designed to perform a number of operations: the production of container, packaging of, capping, labeling, and packaging and palletizing group.   All processes cycle linked single conveyor system. Equipment for bottling in PET and glass bottles designed with the latest technology and in accordance with the requirements of European quality standards.
- Bottling lines have different versions?
< span> - Of course. At present, the plant "Thermo-Pack" offers several options for complete bottling lines, the performance of which depends on the volume of container and required performance. 0.33 liter to 2 liters - performance 4 thousand. And 6 thousand. Bottles. / Hour, from 5 liters to 10 liters - capacity up to 2 thousand. Bottles. / Hr. According to customer requirements set of required line Filling and capping, labeling and packaging equipment. All functional parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with polymer coating that improves the resistance to wear of parts and equipment hygiene of food business.
- Today industrial customers seeking equipment from a single source of services. How does your company respond to these demands?  
- Of course, our specialists have long paid attention to this trend. So today, "Thermo-Pack", thanks to the close partnership with a number of companies, has the ability to provide its customers with a full range of equipment for bottling. Furthermore, continuously improving and expanding the service sector enterprises. Today, our company can provide customers with a range of services, ranging from circuit layout lines taking into account the geometry of the production area, and to provide the range of services after the start-up.
- It refers to a design approach that takes into account individual requirements?
- Exactly. The specialists of "Thermo-Pack" carry out a full development of the project, the selection of appropriate components, manufacturing, commissioning and subsequent service as individual machines and lines as a whole. It is important to note that our company pays high attention to the quality of manufactured equipment. Therefore, regularly updated, modernized own industrial base. These are necessary steps, without which it is impossible to meet the modern needs of our customers and provide a strong competitive position. And the fact that our development is conducted in the right direction to confirm successful projects not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries.  
" World of Packaging ", in May 2012
Olga Booth
Interviewed by Vadim Gerasimchuk
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