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Types of equipment | triblock, dvublok, monoblock filling

  LLC "Plant of packing equipment Thermo-Pack" - specializes in the manufacture of packaging machinery. Among our equipment such names as:    

  Filling equipment.
triblock bottling
    filling machines - Capping designed for rinsing, filling soft drinks and mineral water beer, kvass into bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) with a capacity of 0.5 liters up to 3,0l and sealing them with a plastic screw cap.
  The main components (assembly units) of the machine are: Rinse;
  • The casting unit;
  • The closure block;
  • Transferring stars by which the bottle is transferred from one block to another;
  • Section conveyors (inlet and outlet).
    triblock bottling   brand "Thermo-Pack" is a high-tech equipment that can do all the work as quickly and accurately, minimizing the time losses. It is very important for the production put on stream.
  Labelling machines
  One of the varieties of labeling equipment, manufactured by the factory "Thermo-Pack" -MPPE-3000A - a machine designed for the application ( sticking) circular polypropylene (flex labels) labels from a roll on the cylindrical container.
  There are different types of labeling equipment under the label - paper, polypropylene, self-adhesive.
  Packaging Machinery   < / span>
  shrink packaging equipment is designed for PET packaging, glass bottles, cans and other containers in shrink polyethylene (PE) film. thermotunnel, part of the shrink machine, designed to create a temperature at
packaging of various products in shrink-wrap.
      Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems - Conveyor   different types - spiral, ribbon,   chain, roller conveyor, telescopic, pneumatic, gripperny (pectinate).
  Depending on the needs of your production plant "Thermo-Pack" is ready to make a variety of works on the principle of conveyors and conveyor systems.
    All buyers equipment LLC" Plant of packing equipment Thermo-Pack "guarantees sales service professionals - for our company. In addition, we will advise you on the acquisition of certain equipment from our range, its operation and maintenance. This will allow you to choose the most suitable equipment to operate your business.
  LLC "Plant of packing equipment Thermo-Pack" has been running for many years and is currently the leader of the national market production and sale of process equipment, among which are such names as   bottling equipment ( triblock, dvublok, monoblock filling ), labeling, packaging equipment, as well as all kinds of   conveyors and conveyor systems .