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"Thermo-Pack 2012": trends and innovations in the market of equipment for bottling water, drinks and beer

Annual Conference "Thermo-Pack 2012", "Structure, innovations and trends in the development of the domestic manufacturer in the market process equipment" was held in early November at the plant packaging equipment "Thermo-Pack" in the White Church.
The conference brought together about a hundred representatives of companies engaged in bottling water, sweet carbonated drinks, beer and others.
Prior to the conference, which was held at the conference hall of Kyiv Regional Chamber of Commerce, President of the Kyiv Regional Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine Oleksandr Riabokon awarded Director of "Thermo-Pack" Jacob Usenko honorary award UCCI "Golden sign - Mercury".
- Time and rapid progress dictate the rules. Shows that ten years ago were practically the only source of information on manufacturers, equipment suppliers, today overshadowed. They are gradually replacing the Internet. But nothing can replace live communication, the opportunity to see the potential of the company with which to work - said, opening the conference, Director of "Thermo-Pack" Jacob Usenko.
- To this end, our company has taken the initiative and its good partner - «PET Technologies» - and decided to make the conference a traditional event.
Season for manufacturers of water, drinks almost finished and there comes a time to take stock of the past period, upgrade equipment, upgrade production base.
Lead manager of sales and service plant "Thermo-Pack" Elena Bashkirov introduced the participants with the history of the enterprise, which was the first in Ukraine to offer its customers complete bottling lines "from a single source." Director of Sales "Thermo-Pack" Yury Zimin told about the company's competitive advantages, among them - high quality equipment at a reasonable price. According to the speakers, in the near future plant "Thermo-Pack" will launch the new universal filling machine, which allows you to pour drinks in PET and glass bottles. And by 2015, put into operation new production facilities.
Conference devoted to the development trends of domestic manufacturers in the market of technological equipment, held in Ukraine for the second time. Last year, the partners of the plant "Thermal Park" - the company «PET Technologies» - the first time held a conference, the participants exchanged information on the current trends in the market of packaging technologies.
Manufacture of complex bottling lines became possible to "Thermo-Pak" in collaboration with other Ukrainian manufacturers.
On the design features and technological blowing PET bottles present the director of sales and marketing company «PET Technologies» Vadim Shemitko. According to him, PET bottle must meet certain requirements, among them - presentable, ergonomics (for consumers), technology (for blowing and passing on the filling line).
- On the manufacturability of the bottle affect its configuration, the shape of the bottom part of the decor, the presence of stiffeners, the configuration space for sticking labels, wall thickness and level of finished beverage filling - said
Vadim Shemitko. - When choosing the design of the bottle is necessary to pay special attention to these parameters.
Head of "Blow molds» «PET Technologies» Victor Krokos in his report elaborated on how to reduce the weight of preforms for PET bottles. As the specialist in this matter, it is important to choose the right shape and design of the bottle to bottle with less weight retained all of its functional properties.
Selection of the cap to the bottle - the next step. "The cap as the image of your company" - a report on this topic to the conference audience presented Manager of PET of "PAA-Expo" Andrew Damochkin. Cap, performing important functions save the drink can also serve as an additional source of information and work on the recognition of the product. For this purpose, in addition to creation of a special design on the cap by pad printing or embossing applied certain images (logo, etc.).
Active interest and discussion among the participants of the conference was a report by the Director MPP "Polytech», candidate of technical sciences Igor Gontaruk on "Advanced technologies saturation of water with carbon dioxide, reduces the cost of drinks. Deaeration of the water: it always need it? ".
- To obtain the desired concentration of CO2 in the beverage (5-6 g / l) is cooled to 4-6oS water, although such a concentration as shown in Table solubility of CO2 in water, can be obtained at a temperature of up to 20C. For this it is necessary to saturate all of the water to the limit of the equilibrium concentration at a given temperature and pressure -
said Igor Gontaruk. - This problem is solved by a device such as an ejector, which produces highly carbonated beverages without cooling water or cooling it to 15-20oS.
Director of Enterprise "Simipak Ukraine" Vladimir trouble described the use of liquid nitrogen in the water. Dispensers Liquid nitrogen is stabilized water, allowing its prolonged storage.
Another interesting technology for the beverage industry presented the German company «DN-Gruppe». Director «DN-Gruppe» Ralph Neustadt and curator of the Eastern Department Oleg Poustovit presented progressive centralized lubrication systems and demonstrated how they work. Systems
intended for lubrication between 50 to several thousand points on plants of any size.
"Water Boom" - a report on this subject presented by the head of sales packaging for the water company "Guala Klozhers Ukraine" Mikhail Ermolenko. The speaker cited statistics, according to which Ukraine is currently in third place among the CIS countries with the level of water consumption 41 liters per person per year. Lidiru-
is on the list of Russia - 80 liters / person. According to Michael Ermolenko, more and more companies are moving to the production of premium water in glass bottles, corked aluminum screw cap, which produces the company "Guala Klozhers Ukraine."
Director of «Markets Consulting» Group Elena Mikitenko acquainted with the present situation in the beverage market. Leadership in the production of non-alcoholic beverages in most countries of the CIS, according to her, belongs to multinational companies (such as manufacturers of "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi-Cola" and others.), And only
Ukraine sales drink "Zhivchik" domestic production at times exceed the sales of international brands.
After the conference, all participants visited the factory production of packaging equipment "Thermo-Pack" and familiarized with models of equipment. At the end of the conference guests' Thermo Pak "expecting a gala dinner, which creates a nice opportunity to continue negotiations in an informal atmosphere.