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Latest technology and integrated approach

Experience shows that in recent years there is a tendency among producers purchase complete production lines. Companies set the goal to optimize work with suppliers technological engineering, are increasingly resorting to work on the principle of "everything from one source».
Given the changes in the market, two major Ukrainian producer of packaging equipment - Company
Plant "Thermo-Pack" and "PET Technologies" - have teamed up to offer the market the beverage industry
complete filling line. Experts of the two companies shared the principles of work and innovations,
which they have presented in recent years.

  Innovation leaders
Packing Equipment Plant, "Thermo-Pack" offers manufacturers a complete line of beverage bottling
different performance: 3000, 4000, 6000 and 12,000 bottles / hr. - 0,33-2,0 liter bottle; 700, 1000 and 2000 bottles / hr. - For bottles 3,0-10,0 l; up to 300 bottles / hr. - for bottles with capacity 19 liters.
The plant also "Thermo-Pack" produces separate units: for rinsing containers,
bottling, corking (monoblock dvublok, triblock); packaging, labeling equipment and con-
veyernye system.
Given the growing demand for new types of equipment factory "Thermo-Pack" regularly work on the expansion
rhenium its product line. So in 2013 in serial production were launched:
      • automatic filling machine water bottle 19 liters,
capacity up to 300 bottles / hr.;
      • dressing applicator handles on the bottle 3-10 l and productivity 1500 bottles / hr.;
      • sticking adhesive applicator handles on the package group or single outer packaging,   capacity up to 1200 Cat. / hr.
Great value specialists "Thermo-Pack" pay conveyor system as a very important link
link bottling lines. "Our conveyor systems are able to dock and integration into other systems
manufacturers. - Said Anna Peter, Head of conveyor systems Plant "Thermo-Pack».
- We have a very effective and easy-to-use connectors conveyors in bottling lines ».   Since 1997, the plant "Thermo-Pack" has developed a wide range of conveyor systems for various applications - confectionery companies, factories alcoholic beverage and soft drinks industry, warehouses and logistics centers, waste treatment companies.
"In working with clients, we use an integrated approach. - Says Dmitry Bogovik, sales manager
Plant and service "Thermo-Pack". - This includes the joint development of technical specifications, creating plans
nirovki integrated bottling line on the premises of the customer, the calculation of energy consumption for filling lines, calculation and supply of communications (electricity, compressed air, water), manufacturing equipment and its commissioning and after-sales service. "
  New Developments
The specialists of "PET Technologies" in the past year also presented a number of new developments, including -
Machine for PET bottles designed for hot filling of natural juices, teas and fruit drinks.
Hot filling, in their opinion - is inexpensive traditional technology for sensitive products, which has several advantages over aseptic technique: less time-consuming to prepare the product does not require disinfection
of bottles and caps, eliminates the possibility of contamination of the product during dispensing. The company also presented
la semi-automatic blowing disposable PET kegs of 30 liters.
This innovative solution is designed for filling beer, kvass, wine, cider and other products. Technology
can significantly reduce costs for the purchase of the park kegs on the production, logistics and storage. At the same time,
thanks barrier additives, PET kegs provides shelf life is not less than the metal
In addition, experts presented a new machine for PET-bottle capacity 5-10 liters, performance
of 2500 bottles / hr., which is focused on medium and large bottler. The unit has a number of structural reform
solutions that allows us to achieve the set of productivity and quality molded containers from preforms ob-
legchennogo weight while maintaining the quality and strength characteristics.

  Research and development
In order to be in the market is very important modern industrial base, as well as a thorough approach to the study of new technologies. "To solve the problems that confront us with our clients, we carry out research and development, as well as implement appropriate tools. - Says Victor Krokos, director of marketing and business development "PET Technologies". - Since early 2013 we implemented a specialized laboratory, the purpose of the work is - to study the influence of physical, technological, structural, factors on the mechanical properties of the bottle. Given the rise in commodity prices and the need to reduce the cost of the final product, we have successfully solved the problem to reduce the hang of the preform. The laboratory is equipped with equipment from the world leader in the manufacture of testing machines - the American company AGR ».
Since the beginning of last year, every project on the design of PET bottles and mold making
at the "PET Technologies" is performed taking into account these developments.

  control at all stages
Both companies are running full production cycle, equipped with modern metalworking
machines. The use of modern software, as well as control at all stages of production Therefore
makes it possible to implement modern design ideas and produce equipment, quality is not inferior
European counterparts.
The lion's share of equipment is "custom". This takes into account all peculiarities of each productivity
driver. Our individual approach specialists create lines that are most effective for the production
duction of a product, in any country. And the use of standardized components allows
ensure continued access to the necessary spare parts. The developers emphasize: as a component used to develop the world's leading manufacturers of automation, drives and
Pneumatics - ABB, Camozzi, Danfoss Schneider Electric, Sew-Eurodriwe, Siemens. Due to this, as well as a wide
who own a number of developments, both companies produce reliable operation of the machine, which allows
to achieve the main goal - the reliability and durability of production lines. All this has made it possible to use
polzovat produced in Ukraine bottling line with the release of the famous (including international) brands peaks
Tevi, mineral and sweet water, beer, vegetable oil, dairy products.

  Organic Tandem
Many companies from the CIS countries and abroad who work in the market of the beverage industry -
sweet and mineral drinking water, beer - were able to assess the true well-coordinated work of the tandem
companies "Thermo-Pack" and "PET Technologies' product line which supplements the
each other, creating a full range of equipment for bottling.
The last few years the company has successfully present their technology at the joint stands within large
tions specialized exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine and foreign countries. It has become traditional prove-
denie annual international conferences that inform about the latest trends blowing, filling and
packaging. Last year, a forum was held in Moscow, after the profile exhibition "Agro
Prodmash 2013 ».
All who wish to get acquainted with the trends in the market bottling, as well as technological innovations and
packaging equipment, can visit these activities. Information about them - in thematic publications and
also on the official website.
  Journal "WORLD OF PACKING", March 2014