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The Ukrainian market of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages and bottled water is being actively developed, which is caused by the growing demand of the population against the backdrop of the trend of a healthy lifestyle. It became a trigger for the leaders of the Ukrainian market - factory packaging equipment "Thermo-Pack" and the company "PET Technologies" - to join forces and work out the most favorable conditions in the area of ??engineering support domestic producers and providing integrated solutions in the field of bottling lines.

Packing Equipment Plant, "Thermo-Pack "working in Ukraine for more than 15 years. During this time, the company has mastered the development and production of a full range of equipment needed for filling, rinsing, capping, Labeling, and Packaging of products. The growing demand for packaging the European level and the demands of customers have become the determining factors in the design and manufacture of high-performance and improved universal machines.
The company successfully operates on V2V- market, which is confirmed by wide sales geography. Equipment "Thermo-Pack" successfully operated at the leading enterprises of food and non-food industry of Ukraine, CIS, Asia and Europe.

As the Sales Director of the plant "Thermo-Pack" Yuri Zimin, complex bottling lines are the priority type of equipment manufactured by the company. "We know how important it is for the client to get all the filling line equipment from one supplier to the installation and start-up lines in their production eliminate inconsistencies separate line items in a single chain," - he said.
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Packing Equipment Plant, "Thermo-Pack" released as separate pieces of equipment and integrated production lines pouring water. Bottling line for the company - a set of equipment designed to perform in the process of the process of the preparation of liquid production of container, filling it with liquid sealing, design and installation in the package.

Full cycle processes bottling line includes:

- for bottling in PET bottles - first, additional training, PET-bottles, liquid carbon dioxide saturation, blend, rinse containers directly bottling liquids, capping,     labeling, group out batch packaging and winding pallet stretch film;

- for bottling in glass bottles - water treatment, depaletizi-tion of empty bottles, screening, saturation of liquid carbon dioxide, blend, rinse containers directly pouring liquids, capping, labeling and packaging group, winding pallet stretch film.
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All the processes in the cycle are linked by a single conveyor system.
< span> Together with its partners ("PET Technologies" - blowing plastic packaging, "Polytech Plus" - production and carbonator sinhromiksov, companies engaged in water-preparation) Ltd. "Packing Equipment Plant" Thermo-Pack "is able to provide its customers a full range of such equipment.
Today, the company "Thermo-Pack" offers several types of complex bottling lines depending on the required capacity and volume of the bottle: 0.33 liter to 2 liters - a capacity
4   th. and 6 thousand. bottles per hour (with a volume of 1.5 liter bottles) from 5 liters to 10 liters - a capacity of up to 2 thousand. bottles per hour (with the volume of the bottle
5   l).
In accordance with the requirements of the customer line equipped with the necessary filling and closure, Labelling and packaging equipment. The specialists of "Thermo-Pack" carry out a full development of the project, the selection of appropriate components, manufacturing, commissioning and subsequent service as individual machines and lines as a whole.
< span> In the process of forming a complex line experts are guided by several fundamental principles of. Yury Zimin said: "First of all, we consider the data production capacity, degree of automation of the process, as well as standard rules to operate machinery and equipment».
"The main objective of the company - customer support from the stage of receipt of the terms of reference to the receipt of the finished product.

Trouble-free operation of the equipment, ensure the planned volume of production-here the main criteria which guided our company, "says sales director of the plant" Thermo-Pack ».
complex approach

For many years in the market, the plant "Thermo-Pack" great experience in industrial engineering and engineering developments. Also growing number of Ukrainian and foreign clients. Their confidence in the equipment manufacturer stimulates constant development of new machines and production lines. The requirements of industrial customers to the range filling and packaging technology motivated by a desire to obtain all the necessary equipment, service support and the necessary professional engineering and consulting services from a single source. Moreover, there are a number of customers to whom the acute problem of technical and technological re-equipment, renovation of means of production. And these companies it is important to get away from the plant "Thermo-Pack" a means of improving their material and technical base.
The logic of the beverage market, has led to the demand for lines bottling. Today, the company closes its machines almost all process steps filling.
When selecting certain machines or lines today important factor is that the equipment quality standards and security. Packing Equipment Plant, "Thermo-Pack" was certified quality management system in accordance with applicable regulations in Ukraine, meeting the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008), and each kind of product has a certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO.  

Beer - the most popular low alcohol drink in the world. This is confirmed by the annual rate of growth in the world beer market. No exception and the CIS countries. Focusing on the growing demands in the production of this sought after beverage factory "Thermo-Pack" has developed and put into operation a line of pouring beer and soft on the pee lescents, to Thoraya successfully launched in the Dnestr Moldavian Republic in 2011. Now at the "Thermo-Pack" launched serial production of equipment for bottling beer industry along with the already well-developed production spill cing machines for soft drink industry.

Factory "Thermo-Pack" does not stop there, in the short term   - start serial production of complex bottling vegetable oil and milk. Design Bureau of the plant develops technical documentation for this type of equipment, given the current technological requirements.

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