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The company "Thermo-Pack" offers to buy the pipeline for confectionery production.

The company "Thermo-Pack" offers buy conveyor for confectionery production.
Application of the conveyor in the confectionery industry has a distinct advantage. We are talking about the possibility of reducing the number of workers. And this, in turn, makes the real savings on salaries.
And as a result, you get a lower cost of production, which in a modern market economy is an excellent argument for all competitors in the field of your activity. Buy conveyor offers a national manufacturer of packaging machinery plant "Thermo-Pack".
Our reputation and experience - the best guarantee for the customer! Our product range includes: - spiral cooling conveyors - holodilnyu tunnels - horizontal, vertical, inclined and rotary conveyors - conveyors for modular belts and polyurethane
Buy conveyor we will be quick and easy.
In turn, we provide:

  • European quality;
  • reliability, long service life;
  • modern ergonomic design;
  • development projects non-standard equipment;
  • full compatibility with equipment of domestic and European production;
  • a wide range, variability approach to enforcement;
  • support process commissioning;
  • warranty on all types of equipment offered;
  • warranty service;
  • the provision of supplies in the case of the Customer's application
  • reasonable and beneficial value for money;
  • flexible system of discounts.

  • process of transporting goods of any manufacturing process is impossible without conveyors and conveyor systems , because they are the main link.
    Choose the desired conveyor , the required length, configuration and performance you can by calling the experts Factory "Thermo-Pack". Here you can buy belts , not only for confectionery production, but also a wide range of conveyor systems for various applications - plants alcoholic beverage and soft drinks industry, warehouses and logistics centers, waste treatment companies.