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  • 17, Sukhoyarskaya str., Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region, Ukraine

New "Thermo-Pack" plant

The new production base of the Packing equipment plant "Thermo-Pack" is open!


Thermo-Pack today 

 is a modern manufacturing enterprise:

9000 square meters, more than 250 employees, the updated machines base of the company includes portal processing center, laser and hydro abrasive cutting of а metal, CNC mechanical treatment, equipment for the production of tanks and the formation of bottoms, bumping complexes, painting, sandblasting and drilling areas etc.

The new plant is built in accordance with the advanced technologies of the organization of the production process and the involvement of leading industry consultants from Germany.

D6K_6991.jpg D6K_6974.jpg

D6K_7003.jpg D6K_7014.jpg

D6K_7036.jpg D6K_6894.jpg

D6K_7096.jpg D6K_7123.jpg

D6K_6968.jpg D6K_7180.jpg

D6K_7554.jpg D6K_7573.jpg