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Second National KAIZEN Conference

The Second National KAIZEN Conference «Lean Production: Opening Up New Horizons» focuses not only on the issues concerning the change of approaches to company management in the times of crisis but also on the issues that will help to gain a new vision of the business processes of the company and see the unlimited possibilities for improvement.  The focus will be on changes vital for Ukrainian companies to ensure their competitive capacity in the foreign markets. 

The following issues will be discussed at the KAIZEN Conference:

  • Specific implementation of Lean Production instruments in Ukrainian companies.
  • The role of motivation and involvement of employees during the process of changing at the company.
  • Formation of the teams which will developthe Lean Production system at the company.
  • Why should companies apply the KAIZEN approachduring crisis periods?
  • Where the possibilities for improvement are hidden and why we do not notice them?
  • Entering an International Market – «everyone goes and I go» or should we first assess a company’s competitiveness for the new market?
  • Implementation of KAIZEN approaches and its possibilities in spheres other than that of production. 
Packing equipment plant "Thermo-Pack"could not ignor this event. Moreover, the professional approach in the manufacturing process organization in our company is a priority. The leading specialists of our company have took part in this event.


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KAIZEN Conference format

Reports from practitioners, i.e. leading Ukrainian manufacturers, Ukrainian, Russian and Japanese experts, case analyses, business games (workshops) and discussions about development of Lean Production at enterprises with different experience by using continuous improvement tools, and networking.