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Filling machine MR-63.19

  • 03/30/2015


  • Productivity, bph


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Pressure of the product in the tank, Bar


  • Filling tank volume, Litres up to


  • Disinfecting tank volume, Litres up to


  • Washing system pressure in the rinsing zone, Bar


  • Water consumption during the rinsing (for the each input), L/min


  • Compressed air consumption, L/min


  • Number of filling heads, pcs


  • Type of container

    PET bottle 19 litres

  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


The machine of the pre-packing of drinking mineral water type MR 63.19.L is designed for filling of mineral water into the bottles made of polyethyleneterephthalate with a capacity of 19,000 cm3 with the prewashing and capping with a plastic cap.

A general view of the line indicates the main functional units

1 - mechanical cleaning;
2 - sink with rinsing;
3 - filling;
4 - capping;
5 - thermotunnel;
6 - Lamellar conveyor;
7 - Roller conveyor.
Description of the mechanical cleaning

1.   Rinsing chamber
2.   Washing chamber
3.   Pump
4.   Solenoid
5.   Gear motor
6.   Central brush
7.   Intake piping
8.   Bottle
9.  Side brush
10. Bottom brush
11. Door
12. Top brush
13. Offtake piping

Automatic filling monoblock MR 63.19L.A2
Capacity — up to 300 bph

Rinsing unit is designed for sanitization of internal surfaces of bottles. Washing is carried out through the fixed nozzles. Rinsing time is regulated. The submission of empty bottles in the monoblock is carried out manually.
* Can be equipped by a bottles loader.

Filling unit is used for filling of water into the bottles. The filling time is regulated.

Capping unit provides guidance and installation of plastic stopper.

Conveyor chain plate. Is used to move the bottles between the units of machine.
A configuration of conveyor systems developed on the basis of the plan placement of the equipment in the shopfloor and the customer’s specifications.

Shrink tunnel is designed for thermal shrinkage of the overhead hygienic caps on the bottle stoppers.
The processes of sanitizing, filling, capping of bottles and issuance are automated.