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  • 05/29/2017

One of the directions of production is the manufacture of round-ended cylinders and containers, which are widely used in industry, agriculture, and also in the private sector. Among them are containers for liquid and bulk materials, as well as buffer tanks necessary for the accumulation of excess heat and its further distribution in water supply systems. At the request of the customer, they can be produced both from black steel and stainless steel. Dimensions and parameters can be either standard or individually selected for each order.

The company manufactures tanks of stainless and black steel, under:

Building materials; corn; pellets; wood chips; solvents; technical water; heat-carrying fluids; lubricants;

Tanks, on request, are completed with:

thermostats; pressure relief valves; electric heating elements; internal spiral heat exchangers; heat exchange casings; heating casings; sectional partitions; observation windows; manholes; stirrers; pumps; screw conveyors; belt conveyors; pressure gauges;

The volume of tanks from 0.5 m³ to 50 m³.

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For technical consultation in the field of a capacitive equipment for the selection and ordering of tanks, please contact the Department of a Capacitive Equipment:

+38(067) 468-54-45 st@tp-eu.com

+38(067) 328-38-21 manager3@tp-eu.com

Sheet rolling is cut out on the equipment for laser cutting.


For the formation of the shell, it is used equipment that allows forming a cylindrical shape of steel with a thickness of up to 16 mm.20171218_144306.jpg

For the production of tank equipment, we use torospheric bottoms of our own production. Bottoms are made on modern equipment by cold flanging, which allows producing products with a diameter of up to 2800 mm and a wall thickness of up to 10 mm.


For production, both structural and stainless steel are used, which allows the manufacture of tanks and vessels for various operating conditions.


Final assembly is performed using an automatic welding complex.


Depending on customer requirements, various connecting equipment is installed.


The production process can be viewed on video:

We have a wide experience in the production and design of capacitive equipment, so we can produce products, both according to customer drawings, and according to our own design drawings, taking into account customer requirements.

To order services, please contact the sales department of production services:

+38 (067) 313-68-83 laser_tp@tp-eu.com

+38 (067) 328-38-21 manager3@tp-eu.com