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  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, ppm


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Dimensions of the received packet, mm

    l=1060, d=100-200

UMTO machine is designed for roll type product packaging, particularly for roll paper hangings packaging. 
Product is packed in thermal shrinking polyethylene to avoid its pollution, damaging, moisture penetration and packaging into wooden and cardboard packs.

UMTO-1000A machine is high productivity automatic machine for paper-hangings packaging.

The main components (subassemblies) of UMT0-1000A are:

• Bundle forming device (former); 
• Packing device (packer)
• Label putting device
• Thermo tunnel
• Board of controls

The former brings product, levels residual conicity on rolls down, tucks the rolls.
The packer makes film cutting, welding, film portioned offsetting and bundle wrapping.
The label putting device takes the label from the cassette, drives it to the label carrying device and then to the place of packing.

Film is shrinking in the thermo tunnel and at the exit the film turned in ends are drawing in.
Board of controls operates and controls technological parameters.

UMTO-1000A machine operation is based on shrinking film ability to reduce because of temperature. 
All forming, packing, label putting devices and the thermo chamber of the UMTO-1000A machine are operated by controller in accordance with its program.

The input transporter delivers product to the tipper transporter. At the signal from the photo counter the tipper transporter overturns the product on the carrying transporter. 

On the transporter the roll is stopped by the stopper. The stopper is placed under the transporter and works from the pneumatic cylinder. The stopper fixes the product roll between the carrying transporter rolls and prevents its misalignment. When the product roll is fixed the stopper gets back. Then the transporter carries the roll to the slamming device that eliminates the roll’s residual conicity. The alignment takes place when it is slam on the roll end faces. The slamming device pneumatic cylinder pushes the roll end face with the plate and strikes it from the other roll end with the fixed plate.

Then the roll gets to the tuck device. The carrying transporter is stopped. The tuck device consists of two parts and placed over and under the transporter. The engine under the transporter scrolls the roll with the drawn in belt to find the roll free end. From above the roll is fixed with the tuck pneumatic cylinder. This device tucks the roll end and places the roll. After the transporter is switched on the roll goes to the pusher. At the same time the label is stuck. 

The label putting device consists of the label delivery device and the label carrying device. Vacuum suckers take the label from the cassette and put it in the carrying device zone. The label gets between two belts and they carry the label to the roll pusher. The pneumatic cylinder presses film to ensure that the roll is carried together with the label. 

The pusher pushes the roll via the film tension line. It is wrapped with film on its diameter and gets to the electric knife. First, the upper clip fixes the roll position. Then the electric knife starts working. The electric knife is consists of two parts. The welding knife over the table welds film by two strips. The cutting knife under the table cuts it and separates the welded zones from the product side and the side of the film roll. 

On the thermo tunnel transporter the roll goes through the thermo chamber where film is shrinking. After the thermo chamber the roll gets on the table and the slamming device levels the package down.