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  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, ppm


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Dimensions of the received packet, mm


UMT machines are designed for product packing, bundling and bundle packaging. 
Products for packing: foods, empty jars, bottles, boxes, other products that do not need preliminary packaging (wood, tiles, metal parts). Different products pack together.

Product is packed in thermal shrinking polyethylene to avoid its pollution, damaging, moisture penetration and packaging into wooden and cardboard packs. 

UMT machines can be used in food, consumer goods and chemical industries. On request, machines for other industries can be produced too.

UMT-600A-06KHP machine is made for square stable paper packet into blocks with dimensions 2x2; 2x3 (pieces).


The former forms the bundle, regulates its dimensions, wraps the bundle and gets it to the thermo chamber. Film cutting, film welding and film portioned offsetting are also made here. The film shrinking is made in the thermo chamber and at the exit the bundle is fast cooled and stabilized.
Board of controls operates and controls technological parameters.

UMT-600A-06KHP machine operation is based on shrinking film ability to reduce because of temperature. 
All forming and packing devices of the UMT-600A-06KHP machine are operated by controller in accordance with its program.

Product is carried with the input transporter and formed in bundle automatically.
Pusher makes bundle into two rows and the counter counts the proper product amount in each row. When the bundle is ready the stopper is released and the block goes to the pusher. At the very moment when the block is in the pusher area the stopper is closed.

From the accumulating area the bundle gets to the electric knife and the bundle is wrapped here. The electric knife cuts and welds film. It works automatically. Because of the following bundle movement the ready-bundle gets on the transporter. The new part of film is ready. Off-taking net transporter drives the block to the thermo-tunnel. 
On the thermo-tunnel transporter the wrapped block goes through the thermo chamber, and the film is shrinking there. 

At the thermo chamber exit the ready bundle is cooled and stabilized. The ready bundle drives onto the roll table or on the off-taking transporter.
UMT-600A-06KHP machine loading transporter can work in two modes: stop mode or delay mode.
At the stop mode the loading transporter stops when the pusher works.

At the delay mode the loading transporter reduces speed when the pusher works. It allows to increase the machine productivity.