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  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, ppm


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Dimensions of the received packet, mm


UMT machines are designed for product packing, bundling and bundle packaging. 
Products for packing: foods, empty jars, bottles, boxes, other products that do not need preliminary packaging (wood, tiles, metal parts)
Product is packed in thermal shrinking polyethylene to avoid its pollution, damages, moisture penetration and packaging into wooden and cardboard packs. 

This is fully automatic packing complex of linear type which is used for wrapping of products into heat shrinking polyethylene. In this machine the thermo-knife is replaced by seamless wrapping unit, which speeds up the process of block’s wrapping by film in several times. The machine can be integrated into existing production line and can be connected to the general automatic control system (in accordance to the customer’s


The components of UMT-1500AL.O machine are:

• Bundle forming device (former); 
• Wrapping device.
• Thermo tunnel

The former collects product, regulates its dimensions and forms product blocks and gets them into the wrapping area. 
In the wrapping device: the film is offsetting, cut and wrapped around a bundle.
In the thermo tunnel the film is shrunk and welded and at the exit the bundle is cooled and stabilized.

UMT-1500AL.O machine operation is based on shrinking film ability to reduce because of temperature. 
All forming and packing devices of UMT-AL are operated by the controller in accordance with its program.

Input transporter carries product and forms it in rows using the splitting block. Counters show how the transporter is being loaded. 

Then stopper makes a bundle of proper dimensions. After the stopper opening the bundle is driven to the pusher. Here it is taken by the chain transporter crossbar and it gets on the roll table and after that gets on the carrying transporter. The bundle and the piece of film are delivered at the wrapping device. 

The film is being delivered by the vacuum transporter and taken by the wrapper. The bundle is being wrapped by film on the height perimeter during the movement on the transporter. The film ends are laid lapped under the bundle. The off-taking transporter passes the wrapped bundle onto the thermo tunnel transporter. Then the bundle passes through the thermo-chamber. Here the film ends are being welded and film is being shrunk.
The bundle is ventilated at the exit to speed up the bundle cooling and stabilization. Then the ready bundle gets on the roll table.On the thermo-tunnel transporter the wrapped block goes through the thermal chamber, and the film is shrinking there. At the thermal chamber exit the ready bundle is cooled and stabilized. The ready bundle drives on the roll table.