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  • 01/12/2017


  • Productivity, ppm


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Compressed air consumption, L/min


  • Machine dimensions, mm

    10468 х 1505 х 1904

  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


This is fully automatic packing complex of linear type which is used for wrapping of products
on a carton padding into thermo shrinking film. Can be used without carton padding as well.
In this machine the thermo-knife is replaced by seamless wrapping unit, which speeds up the process of block’s wrapping by film in several times. The machine can be integrated into existing production line and can be connected to the general automatic control system (in accordance to the customer’s requirements).
Machines of UMT series are designed to form products in packages, to band them and to package the packages made.

The following products may be packaged using these machines: products in consumer packaging (food products); various kinds of empty containers – cans, bottles, boxes, products that do not require preliminary packaging: parquet, tiles, rock wool, wooden and metal structures.

Products are packaged in thermal shrinkable polyethylene to avoid use of wooden, cardboard and other packaging materials as well as to protect products against dirt, moisture and mechanical damage.

UMT-series machines are applied in a single, serial and mass production in the consumer good manufacturing, food-processing and chemical industry. At the customer’s request and specification, the company can manufacture machines that may be used in other industries.


UMT-AL.O-01 machine comprises the following basic components (assembly units):

  • Package forming unit;

  • Package unit;

  • Shrinkage tunnel

Package forming unit performs package formation, adjustment of its dimensions and its supply to the wrapping zone.

Package unit unwinds the film in portions, cuts it, supplies the film into the wrapping zone and wraps the package with it.

The film is shrunk and welded into the package in the shrinkage tunnel. Film quench and package stabilization is carried out at the tunnel outlet.


1. Thermo tunnel VTG-

2. Packaging device MOP-2000-01.AL02.00.00.00

3. Former UMT-1500.AL-