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  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, ppm


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Dimensions of the received packet, mm


UMT machines are designed for product packing, bundling and bundle packaging. 
Products for packing: foods, empty jars, bottles, boxes, other products that do not need preliminary packaging (wood, tiles, metal parts)

Product is packed in thermal shrinking polyethylene to avoid its pollution, damages, moisture penetration and packaging into wooden and cardboard packs. 

UMT-1500AL02 is a linear type high capacity machine for a wide range of cylinder-shape tare packing. This type of machine is equipped with the pad forming device. The pads with sides are formed from the performs.


The main components (subassemblies) of UMT-1500AL02 are:

• Bundle forming device (former); 
• Packing device (packer).

The former forms the bundle, regulates its dimensions, puts it on the pad and delivers it to the packing device. Also a pad is formed in the packing device by bending its sides and glueing it.

Film cutting, film welding and portioned offsetting as well as the package wrapping are made in the packer. The film shrinking is made in the packing device chamber and film fast cooling and stabilization are made at once at the exit of the chamber.

UMT-AL 1500AL02 machine operation is based on shrinking film ability to reduce because of temperature. 
All forming and packing devices are operated by controller in accordance with its program.

The input transporter carries the packing product and forms it in rows. At the same time counters show how the transporter is being loaded.
Then stopper and cutter make a bundle of proper dimensions. Pusher drives the ready-bundle to the table. At the same time the input transporter drives a pad perform to perform carrying device. The carrying device takes performs with vacuum pickups and brings them on perform input transporter. Then performs are driven to the forming transporter where they meet the formed bundles. During the movement on the forming transporter the pads are being formed in accordance with the picture.
Then the ready product block placed on the pad gets on the packer’s transporter. The delivering transporter drives the ready bundle to the electric knife.
At the same time the bundle is being wrapped by film on the perimeter. Then the electric knife welds and cuts film. It works automatically. Off-taking transporter drives the block to thermo-tunnel. Simultaneously the new part of film is ready.On the thermo-tunnel transporter the wrapped block goes through the thermal chamber, and the film is shrinking there. At the thermal chamber exit the ready bundle is cooled and stabilized. The ready bundle drives on the roll table.