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  • 17, Sukhoyarskaya str., Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region, Ukraine


  • 02/22/2016


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm

    12600 х 4900 х 4350

  • Weight, kg

    10 000

  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Type packable products


  • * Rated productivity - up to 15 * pallet / hour - is adjusted in accordance with the technical order of the customer.

Automatic pallet packing complex.

Automatic pallet packing complex is designed for pallet forming and wrapping it into stretch film.
Palletized goods: pre-packed in cardboard boxes, polyethylene film various types of products. Goods are packed into the stretch film to avoid using of wooden, carton or other packaging, and also for contamination protection, moisture, and mechanical damage.
Automatic complexes of this series are applied in the terms of serial and mass production in the light, food or chemical industry. At the request and conditions of the customer, the plant can produce machines that can be used in other areas of industry.
All mechanical parts of the palletizer are managed with the controller in accordance to the pre-installed program.
Machine requires loading with the wooden pallets onto the feeding roller transporter and carton trays into the tray feeder. During the operation process the reload of these units is required.
Automatic operation of the machine begins with switching it on. The pallet cartridge moves to the next position – it stops on the lifting roller transporter of pallet feeding mechanism. The pneumatic drive of the lifting roller transporter moves the cartridge up. The clamps lock the cartridge starting from the second to the bottom pallet. The bottom pallet stays unlocked and lowers together with lifting roller transporter to the default position.
The pallet is transported through the feeding roller under the feeder and proceeds to the lifting roller transporter. Here, it is lifted to the specified height and equipped with carton tray using the tray laying mechanism. It uses vacuum grippers to take the tray from the feeder and lays it on the pallet (if it necessary).
Packed goods are feed onto the palletizer’s conveyor. The pusher moves the specified packets quantity to the infeed table, and then the second line of the goods is transported. After that the fixation of the block and unloading it to the pallet is performed. The pallet with goods lowers one step down for next block of goods reception and is covered with carton tray.
Palletizer forms the pallet from six layers of goods. Finally formed pallet lowers to the ground level and moves to the pallet wrapper. After the pallet leaves the palletizer a new cycle of pallet-forming begins.
Manual fixation of the films edge on the pallet that arrived to the pallet wrapper’s roller transporter is required. After that the automatic process starts: the clamp lowers and the pallet wrapper’s roller performs specified quantity of turnovers.
The packing process is finished with automatic film cutting. Wrapped pallet moves to the outfeed roller and is ready to be unloaded with the help of the forklift.