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M0 400X350 Winding machine

  • 03/31/2015


  • Capacity, kW


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Dimensions of the received packet, mm


  • Dimensions of the roll, mm



    max. diameter


    the diameter of the spool


  • Winding speed, m/min


The winding machine is designed for long product winding into the stretch-film. MO 400x350 winding machines can be used in food and consumer goods industries. On customer’s technical specification the machine can be designed for different product packaging and built-in in the technological line.


The machine consists of frame, wheel, and live rolls, supporting and limiting wheels, slide, braking and guiding rolls.
The wheel is based on the frame. Supporting and limiting wheels fix the wheel. The slide with the film roll is set on the wheel. Film is driven through the braking and guiding rolls onto the product. The film roll is fixed between two cones. Removable cone is pressed to the film bobbin and tightened with screw. Friction brake is set on the breaking roll.

The electric motor drives the wheel with the belt drive.
Front feed rollers, lateral guides, pressure rolls are located at the machine entrance and exit. The front feed rollers are driven by the chain gear of the motor-gear. (Rollers drive product to the winding device).

Roll tables for product preparing and for ready-bundles are connected to the machine. The input roll table is supplied with clippers. Machine working zone is covered with net with the door. Terminal switch is set of the frame. It blocks the machine when the door is open.

Operator puts product on the input roll table and pushes it to the counter. When the counter fixes the product, it switches the input drive on for the programmed time period. During this time period the product gets into the winding zone. After that the input drive stops and the sign “Waiting for filling” appears.

The operator should open the door of the protective housing and fill the film (1-1,5 film cycles). When the door is closed the sign “Press “Start”” appears. Press the knob. The winding drive is on at this moment and the product beginning will be wrapped with the programmed layer number. Then the winding speed is increasing and product input drive is switched on. At the product end the product input drive is switched off (time is set by the operator).
During this time the product end gets into the wrapping zone, the winding speed is reducing and the product end will be wrapped with the programmed layer number.

After that the product input drive switches on (for the definite time period). For this period product end is moved outside of the protective housing. Winding drive switches off. The operator cuts film.
In case the protective housing door is open the machine stops.