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  • 17, Sukhoyarskaya str., Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region, Ukraine


  • 04/01/2015


  • Productivity, bph


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Bottle volume, liter


  • Blowing pressure, Bar


  • Low pressure, Bar


  • Cooling liquid temperature, °C


  • Low pressure air demand, m3/min


  • Compressed air demand, m3/min


Innovation automatic equipment series consists of two models: APF-6004 and APF-3002, which concept is based on world output standard for this machine category – 1500 bph from one mold cavity, and meets all norms and directives of euriopean quality standard CE and HCCP requirements for food industry.
Automatic blow molding machine APF-6004, productivity - 6000 bottles/h*

  •  mineralwater and soft drinks
  • beer
  • juices
  • vegetable oils
  • milk and dairy  products
  • vinegar
  • dry and viscous products
  • non food and detergenti
  • and other products
This model has several constructive decisions which guarantees needed output and quality of bottles. 
  • unique patented mold closing system without analogs in the world allows to reduce time cycle for bottle forming and thus guarantee machine high speed performance;
  • B&R company PLC system with automatic temperature regulation and feedback control via sensor Omron (Japan);
  • equipment constructive concept allows to use plenty of mold sets on one machine for wide range of PET bottles production with minimum changeover time;
  • air recovery system with reuse of compressed air from high pressure system into low pressure line allows to save up to 25% on compressor equipment investments;
  • preform intensive heating system with IR reflector lamps rating 1000 and 2000Wt, 8 temperature regulating zones with option of independent desactivation for production of asymmetric bottles with original shape; 
  • innovation air cooling system provides uniform distribution of temperature from outer to inner preform wall with production rejection rate elimination;
  • improved system of preform feeding to the heater which excludes nonorienation and jamming;
  • for model APF-6004 servo drive is implemented for preform transfer to blow mold unit
  • each blowing station is provided with separate block of valves;
  • additional fine adjustments of blow molding process, including stretching rod speed regulation;
  • polyurethane and elastomer components with improved service characteristics
  • complex high-performance molds cooling system is provided by D-M-E company (USA-Belgium) component parts;
  • loading unit with system of non-orientated preform returning into hopper;
  • all machine parts and elements are covered with casing and special organic glass according to requirements of European standards for food industry HCCP;
  • space-saving overall dimensions.