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Labelling machine MPPE-6 000A

  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, bph


  • Capacity, kW


  • Compressed air consumption, L/min


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Pneumatic power supply, MPa


  • Bottle’s diameter, mm


  • Label material, mcm

    polipropilen 35–40

  • Label height, mm


  • Glue consumption

    1 kg for 15 000 labels

  • * The minimum distance from the bottle's bottom to the label's lower edge is 22 mm

Labelling machine MPPE-6000A

Machine is designed for applying of rolled polypropylene label to PET and glass bottles with volume 0,5 – 2,0 L with glue tank for hot-melt adhesive.


1. Electric box
2. Turnstile sprockets
3. Stream cutter
4. Guiding shoe
5. Running rail
6. Adjusting block
7. Transporter
8. Gluing device
9. Main drive
10. Vacuum drum
11. Label cutting device
12. Delivery and pressing rolls
13. Running rolls
14. Roll table
15. Vacuum pump
16. Console
17. Rotameter block
18. Vacuum tubing taps
19. Air preparing block
20. Gearbox
21. Mark sensor
22. Block sensor “No label-no glue”
23. Block sensor “Label on drum”

The input device that consists of delivery and pressing rolls carries the label from the roll to the cutter device. There are guiding rolls and adjusting blocks with mark sensor between the input device and the label roll. The machine monitoring system controls the label length. The cutter device divides the label strip into separate labels. They are hold on the cutting drum by vacuum and then brought to the carrying drum by the compressed air.

The carrying drum drives each label through the gluing roll of the gluing device. Thermal glue is put on the label there. The label with glue moves on the vacuum drum towards the bottle that is delivered by the turnstile star. In starting position, the stream cutter is closed. When the stream cutter is open the turnstile star gets the bottle and drives it to the glue zone. The bottle meets the label that is placed on the vacuum drum. The vacuum drum presses the bottle to the running guide and rolls it. The bottle with the label is being transported to the machine output end.