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Labelling machine - AEM-03

  • 03/31/2015


  • Productivity, labels per hour


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • Machine dimensions, mm


  • Weight, kg


  • Label height, mm


  • Width of the label, mm


Labelling machine AEM–03

Machine is designed for applying of self-adhesive labels (uni-position) on cylindrical surface in automatic mode. AEM-03 can be used in conditions of single, serial or mass production in food and other industries.

Applicator is used together with the customer’s transporter. Applicator can serve the transporter on 700-1000mm height.


The main components (subassemblies) of the machine are:

• Label device
• Regulated support
• Board of controls

The label device delivers the label band, fixes packs, separates labels from the band and puts them directly on packs. The regulated supports can combine the label device with transporters of different heights. 
The board of controls operates and controls all technological parameters.

The applicator operation is based on label ability to separate from the background easily and keep all sticking properties. 
The customer’s transporter delivers packs for labeling. The band with labels is inserted into the applicator. The height of label placement varies with limit washers.

On the transporter the bottle is fixed with the stopper. The stopper works automatically. Hermetic contacts on the pneumatic cylinder can regulate the stopper. When bottle is fixed the applicator’s drive starts. As a result the label band is moving and the bottle is rotating. When the label edge gets on the separator plate it is separated from the background. Then the label drives to the bottle and gets on it. The separator is equipped with the placement correction device. It is important to find the optimal separator plate position (every time it is determined experimentally). 

The applicator drive is rotated until the band position counter gets the gap between the labels. The “gap” means the border between labels. The counter position depends on the label length. The applicator’s drive should stop at the moment of new label edge getting on the separator plate. If the counter position is not correct the label can be damaged.
The label background is wound on the special drum and gets out when it is necessary. The label background drum and label unwinding drum are equipped with frictional muffs to pull the label band. The band tension is determined experimentally and it depends on band width.