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Turntable for product packing

  • 03/31/2015

Working scheme

1. Supports
2. Guides supports
3. Table disk
4. Table drive
5. Press roll
6. Standard single-row transporter fragment


The turntable is made from corrosion-proof steel. Table supports are supplied with adjustable legs, guides are located at 15mm and 110mm heights (in accordance with technical specification) to avoid label damage. The turntable drive is a motor-gear. The turntable rotation is carried out by elastically mounted press roll. The chain gear drives angular momentum from the drive shaft to the press roll. 

Grease in bearings provides the bearings serviceability for all working period.
The table is equipped with the part of standard single-row transporter that can be connected to the customer’s transporter.
Soon this section will be filled.