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Vertical conveyor pectinate

  • 03/31/2015

KT conveyor is designed for vertical, descending transporting of empty or half-empty bottles (cans) with the diameter of 20-100mm. Specially designed pickups of the transporting chains ensure the safe product transporting.


KT conveyor consists of frame and two transporter paths fixed on the frame. Rolled chain has SYSTEM PLAST grippers. Transport paths are located on the special supports. Each works from own driver.

KT conveyor is supplied with the device that can change the distance between two transporting paths. It means that transporting product dimensions can vary.

Board of controls with knobs “Start” and “Stop” operates the conveyor. 

On the customer’s request the KT conveyor is equipped with photo counter that can stop the transporter drive.
Vertical car conveyor is the welded construction where two chain paths with loading areas are located. Input conveyor and roll table are fixed on the vertical car conveyor. Input conveyor and roll table are changeable that allows making the conveyor either descending or ascending.

How it works: input conveyor puts product blocks in the loading area. The area is in the extreme upper position. On this area the block gets down to the extreme bottom position. Then the loading area is shut and the block gets on the roll table.

When the loading area gets the upper position it is horizontal again. It is ready for the next pack. There are closed bearings in the tension joints of the conveyor. Grease in the bearing ensures bearing serviceability.
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