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Air conveyor

  • 03/31/2015

The air conveyor consists of straight and turning modules, air forcing stations and board of controls.
Conveyor modules consist of supports and airline. The airline is made from steel section with air-guides inside. Air forcing stations are fixed on the airline. Air forcing is carried out with radial ventilators. 

The conveyor is equipped with two pairs of adjustable guides (Pic). Slipping guides keep a bottle at the neck. If the bottle dimensions have been changed the distance between guides should be changed also.
Orientation guides keep the bottle in the stream and eliminate its swinging. The orientation guides location should be changed for bottles of different dimensions. 

The transporter is supplied with the board of controls.
On the customer’s request the conveyor can be equipped with gathering module (for gathering two streams into one) and with bottle off-taking device (bottles get into the special box if the air conveyor is overloaded).
Soon this section will be filled.