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Drying conveyor

  • 04/08/2019


  • Capacity, kW


  • Electric power supply, V/Hz


  • * Conveyor speed, m/min: 5-25 Length/height/width, mm: 10750 х 1080 х 4507 Temperature of the supplied air, °С: 90-130 (adjustable)

The drying conveyor is designed to remove excess moisture from the product during its movement along the conveyor after pre-applying sunflower oil or a sticky layer (a mixture of starch and water) on the product.

The drying conveyor is designed to work as part of an automatic line.



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Designations in Figure 1:

1. - drying conveyor;

2. - electric cabinet;

3. - system for washing the conveyor.

The drying conveyor consists of several functional units:

• conveyor with a bearing element – metal grid,

• drying chamber with heating elements;

• washing system;

• electrical cabinet;


The conveyor has a frame made of stainless steel. The bearing element of this conveyor is a grid made of stainless steel (AISI 304). The conveyor is equipped with a centering net.

The conveyor has a drive shaft, tension shaft, and also bypass shafts. A 3kW drive with a frequency converter allows maintaining the conveyor speed in the range of 5-25 m / min.

A drying chamber is installed above the conveyor, which helps to maintain the desired temperature and humidity conditions for the product supplied by the conveyor.

The conveyor is equipped with an automated washing system for local and general cleaning of the conveyor from contamination.

Drying chamber

The drying chamber has 3 heating zones, each of which has its own unit of heating elements and a temperature controller. The size of each zone is 3300mm.

Heating units with heating elements are installed above the covers of the drying conveyor. The heating units are fitted with fans with engines that take air through the inlets. This air, passing through the system of heating elements, is heated, and through the outlet openings is fed into the drying chamber, where it is evenly distributed with the help of air ducts.

Dampers are installed on the heating blocks (stationary). For the period of the camera washing, the flap knob rotates and the flaps go down. Covers on one heating zone are divided into 2 parts of 1650 mm each. The covers are folding (opening on both sides) and fall on the top of the box. Execution covers – stainless food steel, end walls - extruded polystyrene foam - thickness 30mm.

Conveyor washing system

A system of preparation and supply of detergent solution.

Washing is carried out using the supply of liquid from two tanks with a volume of 1 cube (tank with washing liquid and tank with rinsing liquid) to the nozzles. The tank with washing solution is made with a “propeller type” mixer for mixing the liquid. Each tank is equipped with pumps for supplying fluid through the nozzles. The tanks are insulated.

General cleaning system

The pipeline system with low pressure nozzles is included in the general conveyor cleaning system. Pallets are installed at the bottom of the frame to collect the cleaning solution. The liquid from the pallets is discharged to the cleaning and disposal system. For a better emptying of pipelines and the washing system, a pipe blowing system is provided.

Local grid cleaning system

For cleaning the grid, the kit includes a unit for local cleaning of the grid with its own high-pressure pump and a system of high-pressure nozzles. A cleaning solution is fed through the nozzles, followed by blowing with compressed air.

Electrical cabinet

The electrical cabinet is completed with the controls of this conveyor, is installed in the immediate vicinity of the conveyor and has a front panel with which the conveyor processes are controlled.